About Glory.Bull Productions: Akron Production Company

Glory.Bull productions is a multimedia all-purpose entertainment company based out of Akron Ohio The company will sell products and merchandise supply profitable, positive, motivational, audio and visual services and will give entertainment to diverse groups around multiple cities and to diverse international consumer groups all around the world. Glory.Bull is committed to creating wholesome very creative products as well as quality entertainment. The company truly believes that its unique positive realistic entertainment can be showcased and recognized in a very real urban way without compromising commercial appeal. Glory.Bull as a Company stands for humility financial optimism prosperity unity and being hungry for success and outright determined to get there creating economic opportunities spreading talent awareness and raising civic engagement is its goal. The company looks at all its client’s audiences employers and entertainers as ambitious bulls seeking glory and prosperity in the world that's what makes the company so unique and innovative in it's on way.


Glory.Bull will distinguish itself from the other independent entertainment companies or competitors through its very unique management and promotional plan membership. The Company gives entertainers and entrepreneurs the chance to take control of their financial freedom by allowing them to create their personalized custom network page live from the site. The company will have intensely calculated and relentless promotional campaigns with plenty of originality innovation and creativity this will enable Glory.Bull to earn massive revenues early on through the growing popularity of the brand and the excellent music and entertainment it produces. Glory.Bull will use the success of its brand to branch and develop profit centers in independent distribution, merchandise and concert promotion.


The company will do anything it takes to establish and maintain a very strong word of mouth and a very strong resource for all its entertainers. It will bring a lot more to the table then just providing good entertainment it will capture and create memories. Glory.Bull will be élite exciting and will bring pure enjoyment to the society as well as offer economic opportunities and help create a culture of civic engagement. Glory.Bull will be the most creative as well as original it will put a special competitive edge on the company ensuring intimate specialized care and promotion for all the hard-working entrepreneurs and entertainers it represents. It will partner with distribution companies and possibly other strong businesses to build strong chemistry as well as other cooperation’s always looking to branch out and expand. There will be no border or restraint on who the company can reach every race religion gender of all ages are all welcome to Glory.Bull.

Glory.Bull will also capitalize on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production, promotion and manufacturing of high quality entertainment and merchandise. Glory.Bull Productions will be in Akron, Ohio. The company will become highly profitable selling product and merchandise by recording all genres of music, mixing/mastering services providing visual and live entertainment as well as hosting planning events and consulting all clients to become well and polished entertainer’s artist and/or musicians. It will use these and the many other services as well as its unique innovative outlook on entertainment.