Mr-Roc Hustle

CEO & Founder
Derrick L Henderson Jr
Artist Name Mr-Roc-Hustle

Born & Raise Akron Ohio s Own Derrick Henderson Jr is a young African-American entrepreneur he is also an upcoming artist as well as the innovator and the business owner of the multimedia company Glory.Bull Productions & Entertainment L.L.C. The company stands for financial freedom Prosperity and Success by providing multiple types of entertainment and Digital Services through the online website it provides everlasting economic opportunities and will absolutely meet all Entertainment Needs.

Mr-Roc-Hustle is a young and inspiring rap artist that has the hunger and drive that is truly unforgettable, he was born and raised in the city Akron Ohio. He did not grow up thinking he would someday have the Gift to do music. He started free styling at the age of 17 and it became something natural in his everyday life and eventually he started rapping and making real songs. Soon after he learned the formula of making music he and his two cousins started a rap group called Gwop Bullies. They weren’t experienced in rapping promoting or even being in a group but they managed to put together a mix tape called family first that consisted of a 15 song Cd.

The team clearly had no true leader with roc-hustle still being at an early stage in his music career. As a group they tried their best to promote and build their brand as well as their music product together, but as in most groups everyone’s drive & work ethic was not the same. It was an experience to say the least and roc-hustle learned a lot to help his growth as an artist. After the group ended he still wrote to instrumentals and any original beats he could find free online. Music was now a fully part of his life and it found his heart and quickly became his true passion. He decided he wasn’t going to wait on anyone anymore after his heart was broke with the collapsing of the former rap group he was once involved in. He decided to come out with his on mix tape, he named it Invasion. He named it that because he felt the rap world needed new raw talent with undeniable lyrics and punch lines plus with a bit of arrogance he felt he was simply takin over the rap industry.

On this new independent mix tape you could definitely hear roc-hustles growth from the group Cd he did before that started his rap career. It took about a year to get eight songs done which left him stressed slightly discouraged because he had no consistent recording studio or the financial stability to pay for quality studio time so the cd was never truly completed. So he made a promise to himself that his next music project would be his best! So he started to write to his first official mix tape named Old Skool wita New Twist, He called it that because all he had access to was old classic instrumentals with no money to buy new original beats he took the free instrumentals and put his young hip voice on them with new lyrics to recreate the tracks. It took only 4 months to record this mix tape since he finally had something he had searched for about 3 years, a consistent recording studio and good quality production. He also finally got a front and back cd cover done not to his exact liking but he was to focus on his music and excited at how much he was achieving & how mature he sounded.

This new mix tape had 21 songs on it and had 3 features, after he completed it from start to finish him then started learning the true art of promotion marketing and how serious it is to your music career. He learned it's not just about getting in the studio and recording tracks it’s also about getting your music heard by the right kind of listeners! So he promoted his brand on all the feature sites like Twitter, reverberation, Facebook, DatPiff, and of course the famous YouTube. He definitely didn’t just rely on the internet to let listeners hear his music he walked the streets of both his home city of Akron and other cities as well to get more hands on and social with the public and his true listeners he handed out his mix tape to any and every one willing to listen. Then while still promoting Old skool wita New Twist, his exciting hunger and drive wouldn’t let him stop writing so he continued writing to his next mix tape Old skool wita New Twist Round 2 and had so much confidence he started going by the name the prehistoric predator to symbolize one of the most dangerous creatures, and to prove he would eat and feast on every track he would record from that point forward. Now that he had the formula to making a full cd and everything seemed much easier his journey took him all over the city Akron to different studios and different producers which always came different obstacles and bizarre personalities. He never got to attached to one person because he had learned that depending to much on others sometimes would leave you stuck with no growth and nowhere to turn for help when you need it the most.

He repeated his process and took in everything he has learned and now has become an innovative experienced red-hot artist with 4 solo mix tapes under his belt. He is now very confident but still growing and doesn’t plan on stopping no time soon he also has slogans he uses to describe his Movement and they speak for their selves the slogans are JUST LISTEN! Get Hip or Go Hop! And Music Motivated all day every day!



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Name: Derrick L. Henderson Jr.
Stage Name: Mr-Roc Hustle
Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Birthday: January 22, 1989
Hip Hop Influences: The Real Urban Hip Hop (The Culture itself)
Favorite NFL Team: Kanas City Chiefs
Favorite NBA Player: LeBron James
Favorite Cartoon: Dragon Ball Z
Favorite Food: Seafood & Down South Real Southern Cooking
Favorite Colors: Red & Green
Ideal Vacation: Paris or Italy
Big Time Wrestling Fan/ Favorite Wrestler: Eddie Guerrero and Rob van dam

My Music

Love & Marriage - Single by Mr-Roc-Hustle on Apple Music
Baby Got a Strap - Single by Mr-Roc-Hustle on Apple Music
Party Mamacita - Single by Mr-Roc-Hustle on Apple Music
Animal - Single by Mr-Roc-Hustle on Apple Music
In the Jungle - Single by Mr-Roc-Hustle on Apple Music
Mr-Roc-Hustle ( Smokers Three ) by Roc-Hustle